Under Glass Greenhouses


The greenhouse is a regular indoor garden – a garden with many times the possibilities and pleasures of the outside one. Not a stuffy uninviting hot-house, but a glass enclosed garden plot. A garden from which you can have a choice of flowers, fruits and vegetables in season and out of season, all year around.

Aside from what an indoor garden will actually produce for you, there is the fun or it – the fun of outwitting Mother Nature and turning all of her rules upside-down; picking roses, string beans or strawberries when the temperature plummets and it’s too cold for plants to grow.

Whatever the weather – wherever you live – anytime of year – a bright new world of year-round gardening is yours, with the elegant and functional Lord   Burnham greenhouse.

Evenspan Greenhouses

Evenspan Greenhouses can accommodate 2 or 3 full-width benches for maximum utilization of space.

Standard models include two rows of full-length ridge vents in the peak for passive cooling.

curved eave greenhouse


Curved-Eave Evenspan Greenhouses

The Curved-Eave Evenspan Greenhouses are so beautiful in proportion and overall grace that architects and homeowners make it a theme center for America’s most beautiful gardens.

Free-standing or attached year-round garden, the curved-eave is truly a modestly priced estate-style greenhouse.

curved-eave greenhouse


Curved-Eave Evenspan Greenhouse

even-span greenhouse


Orlyt™ Straight-Eave, Slant-Wall Greenhouses

The unique slant-wall design of our Orlyt residential greenhouses maximizes the bench growing area for plants, while minimizing the area above for optimal light and energy efficiency. This classic greenhouse has proven to be strong and low maintenance for growing organic vegetables and tropical plants all year round.

straigh eave greenhouse


Lean-to Greenhouses

Lean-to Greenhouses have lots of advantages: accessibility, easier to heat and lower costs. You can choose a Lord & Burnham lean-to design to suit your residence and resources.

Lean-to greenhouses are available in both straight-eave and graceful curved-eave styles.

Lean-To Greenhouse

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