UnderGlass FAQS


What are the benefits of a Greenhouse?

The greenhouse is a glass enclosed garden plot. A garden from which you have choice flowers, fruits and vegetables in and out of season, all year round.

You will hasten springtime and have cuttings and seedlings by the hundreds for your garden. Summer will continue in your Lord & Burnham greenhouse deep into autumn. Winter will be brighter with bursts of color from your indoor growing environment not to mention the sheer beauty of watching the snow fall from inside your glass house.

A Lord & Burnham greenhouse brings you so much satisfaction.

Take pleasure in tweaking Mother Nature, coaxing flowers, plants and vegetables to grow and flourish. It’s a hobby that anyone at any age can enjoy. It takes as little or as much as your time and hobby desires suggest. Your creativity will have an outlet that lasts a lifetime.

A Lord & Burnham greenhouse provides self sufficiency and added health benefits.

Imagine your dinner table filled with fruits, vegetables and herbs from your very own greenhouse and garden. Your family would have the comfort of knowing your food is wholesome and fresh.

What are some concerns we hear about in the news?

Food prices going up – Grow your own vegetables.

Concerned about pesticides and salmonella out breaks- grow your own food.

Do you wish you could have fresh herbs all year – you can with a greenhouse.

Are there any green energy benefits with a greenhouse?

A Lord & Burnham greenhouse offers GREEN benefits.

Passive solar collector – Take the heat from the sun and retain and store it in water or heat in-mass (concrete wall), save the heat that’s generated by the sun to be used later for heating.


I don’t know if I have the right space for a greenhouse?

A Lord & Burnham greenhouse can accommodate your individual needs and space.

Our greenhouses come in varied standard sizes as well as custom sizes. Our experts can help you choose the one that is ideal for your gardening needs.

A Lord & Burnham greenhouse is affordable and adds value to your home.

A greenhouse usually costs less than conventional home construction. If you can afford an extra room, you can certainly afford a greenhouse.

Is it expensive?

Lord & Burnham greenhouse is affordable and adds value to your home. We will help you choose from one of our many standard models. Standard models are the most affordable option while still offering you a wide variety of sizes and designs.

Have you seen the prices of annuals and perennials not to mention herbs and vegetable plants? It goes without saying that a greenhouse will lower these costs.

How do I choose a good, reputable company?

Arcadia GlassHouse Inc. is the exclusive manufacturer of the original Lord & Burnham greenhouses. With 35 years of greenhouse manufacturing experience and 160 years of history, we have the knowledge and expertise to deliver a world-class greenhouse for your home or garden. Our team of nationwide installers have earned an A+ Rating from the Better Business Bureau.

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